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Halo Client Record Cards - 50 pack
Pure Nails Nail Wipe Rolls 500s
Pure Nails C Curve Sticks pk6
Pure Nails Pinching Tool
Pure Nails Manicure Tool
Halo Elite Nail Forms 157g, 100s
Halo Elite Nail Forms 157g, 300s
Halo Polibuild Dual Tool
Tip Cutter Chrome
Save £2.64
Pure Nails Cuticle V Blade Trimmer Pk5
Halo Spare Brushes with Cap pk3
Manicure Bowl and Soak Bowl Acetone Proof
Halo Dispenser Bottle 100ml
Glass Dappen Dish Clear
Save £1.46
Brush Cleaner 90ml
Brush Cleaner 90ml
£1.45 £2.91
Halo Brush Cleaner 100ml
Halo Brush Cleaner 250ml
Nail Forms Rectangle 500s
Pure Nails Cuticle Feed with Dropper 15ml