Rough and cracked heels can feel like a secret you don't want to reveal. It rules your choice of what you wear and what you do every day.

Finding a treatment that works fast and is easy to use – with great results – seems impossible. Products often promise the earth, but fail to deliver. Until now.

LOVASKIN Instant Foot Peeling is clinically proven to remove dry, dead skin and calluses in under 2 minutes. So you will never have to hid your feet ever again.

LOVASKIN is a professional only product used by and retailed through appointed, fully qualified beauticians. To purchase LOVASKIN or to become an appointed stockist, please contact deena.mallon@purenails.co with the subject LOVASKIN and detailing your name, address and where appropriate, your professional qualifications. One of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.